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About Carol Caffarel

Like all people, I am multi-dimensional.  My work history shows that.  But, “presentation” truly is the one word that covers my career pursuits, all through life.  Born a country girl, and graduating from a large university where I found a variety of people, accents, and habits, my horizons expanded with my curiosity about fellow humans  and their quirks.

I am working in the areas that give me pleasure; it IS like play for me to present, stage a home, do a corporate training seminar, entertain audiences with the kind of humor that only hindsight can render from the sometimes too real events in life.  Like I tell most of my audiences, you just can’t make up this stuff!

Real Estate Stager

Having the “eye” just for staging helps me help the seller know what buyers are looking for and enables me to arrange furnishings and accessories to that goal.  De-personalizing, de-cluttering, and even choosing paint colors and flooring prove to be a savings and help the customer set their home head and shoulders above the competition in their price range.

Professional real estate stager since 2002.  I assist sellers and their realtors in preparing owners’ homes for sale.  Staging is not decorating. It is a realistic preparation of you home with the express purpose of showing the home's best features.

ETC. (There's always more!)

I am a wife, first and foremost, and a mom of two kids of pure awesomeness!  My husband and children have taught me, humbled me, and kept me going.  A phrase I use often that describes our lives together is “years of tears, miles of smiles.”  It’s never dull!