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What IS Home Staging?

By definition, staging is preparing your home for sale by a staging specialist before the first potential buyer enters the space. 

Reasons for home staging:

  1. Show maximum square footage for the price
  2. Show the purpose for each room.
  3. Make the entire property look warm and inviting.

Sound difficult?  Not at all!  That is, IF you hire a stager who is fast and efficient. 


How to hire a stager:

Look for a professional stager in your area, OR a decorator/designer who also is an experienced home stager.  But beware!  Do NOT hire a designer/decorator to stage your home unless they meet these criteria:

  • She understands the difference between staging and decorating.  Home stagers will prepare your home for sale, and that’s different from preparing your home to live in.
  • He is willing to be honest with you about decluttering and depersonalizing your property, and then willing to help you spend the least amount of money in order to sell it for the most money.
  • They have an “eye” for staging a home.  Usually, they either have it or they don’t.  Staging as a profession is about showing a home’s potential for the least amount of work, time, and money.
  • If the person is proudly showing you a “certification,” it does not mean that they are capable above others.  This certification is just offered by a private firm.  There is NO certification or authority or industry standard at present.  There is NO governing body over the profession of stagers.  So, just presenting a piece of paper does not prove that a person is truly talented in home staging.